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April 9th, 2021


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Reading Ergodicity. Finish it. Great read. Next up on the list This Is Management

Book that looks interesting: Fulfillment: Winning and Losing in One-Click America. Instead of making things, many of our biggest companies now distribute things made elsewhere. We’ve moved from an economy of production to one of dispersion. The shift from factory to fulfillment work is core to the American story right now‎. Economy Amazon

{{TODO}} Mettre en place un Dashboard IT comme celui mis en place chez Coty


Blockchain is all about deciding between decentralization, security and scalability.

Rollups are an exciting innovation that allows transactions to process on a parallel chain, with the results posted back ("rolled up") to mainnet in batches. Rollups

Crucially, rollups are secured by the mainnet, thus not materially sacrificing decentralization. We already have multiple rollup solutions on Ethereum mainnet today -zkSync, Looping, dYdX, zkSwap, DeverseFi, Synthetix staking, ImmutableX etc. All of these require zero gas (not exactly zero, but so low they are subsidized by protocols currently) and can process thousands of transactions per second on Ethereum, with transactions completing in under 1 second, offering us a glimpse of the future.

What was missing is a generalized EVM compatible rollup, where anyone could deploy their smart contracts and scale. We're getting that, finally, with the release of Optimistic Ethereum and Arbitrum (both implementations of optimistic rollups).

See as Ethereum Layer 2 and Rollups for more details

Optimistic rollups do have their limitations, all of which are eliminated by the ultimate scalability solution in the blockchain space: ZK Rollups. These use zero-knowledge proofs to validate Layer 2 = Layer 1 trustlessly. Looping, zkSync, dYdX, ImmutableX etc. use ZK Rollups, but are today restricted to specific applications. Projects like StarkNet are hard at work towards a generalized EVM-compatible ZK Rollup.

Rollups are still cutting-edge tech and will take time to mature it'll take several months for developers to transition, native wallet support, cross-L2 and L1-L2 bridges etc. -but this is the future of Ethereum scalability and eventually other blockchains. Rollups


Ultraworking Cycle n°1: Process my Outlook Inbox {{POMO: 25}}


Ultraworking Cycle n°2: Process my Outlook Inbox {{POMO: 25}}


Ultraworking Cycle n°3: Process my Outlook Inbox {{POMO: 25}}

April 9th, 2021