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On Truth, Management and Ergodicity


Are your best people working on the highest priority projects? Or are they working on things that are lower priority but you are afraid will suffer if you move them?

Correlation and causation: It is true that people with higher levels of Vitamin D tend to have good cardiovascular health – but likely because they spent a lot of time in the sun, presumably being more active than sitting on a chair. Vitamin D is probably just the byproduct of spending time outside. Proximate Cause

Startups are survival of the fastest. Startups

How can I make my career more ergodic? Ergodicity

Reduce the chances of damage. For example, choose a career where burn-outs are not common, become better at refusing tasks when you’re overloaded, and keep a healthy boundary between work and personal life.

The second approach is to mitigate the consequences of damage. For example, if you have marketable skills and a bit of cash in the bank, you do not care too much about having lost a job – you can easily find another one.

The third approach is to have damage hit a part of you but not you as a whole. For example, if you have multiple clients or are working on multiple projects, losing one won’t be too bad. Of course, make sure that they’re not correlated – otherwise, what causes you to lose one might cause you to lose all.

An activity is ergodic if the outcome of many people doing it is equal to the outcome of a person doing it for many years. Ergodicity

On Truth, Management and Ergodicity